Local design firm redesigns one of the most popular blogs online.

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Our studio, located in the Old West End, is very proud to announce the redesign of

BoingBoing is one of the most popular blogs on the net and has been recognized by publications such as Forbes and Business Week. The relaunch went live yesterday and here is more info from Yahoo Finance: Announces Boing Boing Gadgets, Comments, and Redesign
Wednesday August 29, 8:08 am ET
Seven Years In, It’s Time for a Bit of Renovation

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Federated Media Publishing Inc.(FM) and the co-editors at Boing Boing, one of the world’s most popular and influential blogs, today announce three new features for the award-winning “directory of wonderful things” at
The debut of
The return of audience comments
A major design makeover for Boing Boing
The redesign and addition of Boing Boing Gadgets comes 7 years and nearly 40,000 posts since the former print magazine BoingBoing, which debuted in 1989, became a blog. In collaboration with FM’s technical team, BB has developed and added an array of new custom community features.

“BoingBoing is a lens on Internet culture that we four co-editors, our new collaborators, and a few million other people are looking through,” said Mark Frauenfelder, Boing Boing founder and co-editor. “With our first ever site re-design today, we hope to offer our audience a clearer, broader lens on the wonders of the Web.”

Boing Boing Gadgets will feature a daily stream of reviews on consumer electronics, games, and related geek gear. Led by veteran gadget-blogger Joel Johnson, will also include contributions from’s four co-editors: Cory Doctorow, Mark Frauenfelder, Xeni Jardin, and David Pescovitz.

Johnson, technology writer and former editor-in-chief of, says the idea behind Boing Boing Gadgets is to explore the wonder of new technologies without getting drunk on the hype.

“Electronics are a small thing when held up against other human endeavors, but we should do what we can to make them better,” explained Johnson. “We can create an electronics industry that wastes less to create better things.”

Today, Boing Boing also debuts a new system to accommodate reader comments and discussions. “It’s been four years since Boing Boing removed a more primitive comment publishing system,” said Federated Media founder John Battelle. “We’ve worked together to design a new system that makes Boing Boing even more responsive to its community members.”

Boing Boing’s comment threads will be moderated by Teresa Nielsen Hayden, a science fiction editor who for the last five years has overseen the busy comment threads on her own weblog, Making Light ( Hayden is known throughout the web for her insight on how to effectively manage online communities.

“We know Boing Boing’s readers want to talk,” Nielsen Hayden said. “The trick is to enable open, lively conversations while keeping noise from drowning out the signal.”

Visitors to Boing Boing will today also see the first major redesign ever undertaken at the popular site. To rethink the site design, Boing Boing looked to Jemma Hostetler, a designer well-respected in the interactive media worlds for avant garde online experimentation. Hostetler, co-founder of StudioSansNom (, focused on updating the typography for improved readability, introducing more intuitive navigation, and rethinking the page format while retaining the clean, white look of classic Boing Boing.

Pixel art collective eBoy (, creators of Boing Boing’s iconic Jackhammer Jill mascot, revamped the site’s logo.

Blog application experts Apperceptive ( developed custom plugins for Six Apart’s Moveable Type 4 publishing platform.

And Federated Media’s technical team brought the refreshed design and back-end to life and implemented a slew of new features, demonstrating once again that the company’s author services go well beyond securing sponsorships for its partner sites.

About Boing Boing

Boing Boing attracts more than 2 million unique visitors to its site each month, and has over 3.3 million RSS subscribers. By Comscore’s measure, Boing Boing is among the five most-visited blogs on the web. launched in 2000, and Technorati’s list of most influential blogs — based on how many other sites link to that blog — now places Boing Boing at #2. According to Google, more than 600,000 other sites link to Boing Boing. Forbes voted Boing Boing “best of the web” among tech blogs, as did BusinessWeek. AdRants, ad exec veteran Steve Hall’s blog, posted an article to the effect that if Boing Boing covers your ad campaign, it’s gone viral.

2006 Bloggies winner: Best Group Blog and Lifetime Achievement. 2006 Webby Awards nominee. Named ‘Best of the Web 2006’ by BusinessWeek. In a 2006 article, The New Yorker described Boing Boing as “a technology blog that is read by geeks the world over.”




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