Immigration/racial profiling lecture at Way Library September 18

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David Harris, nationally known authority on racial profiling, police behavior and the law, will be the guest speaker at Way Library’s first Topical Tuesday of the season. Dr. Harris will speak on Tuesday, September 18, at 7 p.m. on the lower level of the library.

Currently E.N. Balk Professor of Law and Values at the University of Toledo College of Law, Dr. Harris will speak on “Enforcement of Immigration Law and Local Police: Some Surprising Answers.”

Admission is free, and refreshments will be served. The Topical Tuesdays series is designed to encourage cordial discussion on controversial issues.

In today’s heated climate over immigration, many argue that local police need to begin enforcing immigration law since there are not enough federal agents to get the job done. But state and local police object to this role, saying that enforcing immigration law is just plain bad policing. Dr. Harris will discuss the implications of this debate.

Former Senior Justice Fellow at the Open Society Institute in New York, Dr. Harris has appeared on The Today Show, Dateline NBS, National Public Radio, and all of the major news networks. He has been interviewed in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, and many others.

Professor Harris studies police conduct and the law, as well as racial profiling. His 2002 book “Profiles in Injustice: Why Racial Profiling Cannot Work” and his research studies were the first to explain that racial profiling actually harms police efforts to apprehend criminals. His research has become the basis for laws in more than half of the states and regulations in hundreds of police departments.

His 2005 book “Good Cops: The Case for Preventive Policing” uses stories from all over the country to show that citizens need not sacrifice their liberty or their dignity to be safe from crime or terrorism.

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