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Design Trends Extend to the Garage
Garage Design for Space Saving
Amazing Garage Spaces

Toledo, Ohio. August 2007 ~ The garage – originally merely a place to park the family’s one-and-only four wheels, the kids’ two-wheeled transportation and dusty boxes of holiday decorations and keepsakes – has evolved. Nowadays, a home’s garage typically eats up 40 percent of its front face; what do you see when you motor on inside at the end of a long day?

In 1950, only 47 percent of homes had garages; this progressed to detached single car enclosures or an attached carport. Today, homeowners (roughly 87 percent of homes contain a garage) use these multi-stall enclosures for many more space-eating needs including not only extra storage but also hobby workshops, garden and recreation storage centers, exercise areas and, of course, a place to store all the kids’ stuff.

This reconfiguration, and creative use of the space, is termed “zoning.” So, how can a homeowner enjoy this trend and still have space to park the cars?

Design the Functional Garage

Amazing Space, a custom storage fabricator with locations in Sylvania and Maumee encourages homeowners to take the concept of the custom closet into the garage.

“We’ve been building garage storage systems for 20 years, although in just the past few years we seen this business skyrocket, said Amazing Space President David Parrish. The garage is the biggest room in a home, and the time has come to get maximum use out of it.”

Standard garages are often built to the dimensions of 18’ width by 20’ deep; this leaves little remaining space for items leaned against the wall or precariously stacked and open to the stray bumper or a wet, snow-tracked floor.

Parrish noted that the basics of garage storage systems consist of slatted wall board that gets your “stuff” off the floor and organized efficiently on the wall, tall covered cabinets, and workbenches. Combine that with ceiling storage, then with modular tile or epoxy flooring systems, and you have a completely transformed garaged.

Depending upon your budget, consider hiring a custom organizer such as Amazing Space to create specific storage solutions that meet your needs or consider having them install standardized dimension cabinetry.

Active Adult Living

With the baby-boomer generation thundering forward, there has been a trend toward ranch – or single-level – living. While living on one-story may allow the aging homeowner increased mobility with no upstairs or basement to negotiate, ranch-style homes and villas can be limiting due to a single-level residence’s higher construction cost – and therefore – purchase price.

Again, the garage comes in handy when outfitted with a space preserving storage system; less inside the daily living area allows keeps a home less cluttered and potentially safer from the hazards of tightly, or awkwardly, arranged living quarters. One senior couple, residing in South Toledo, said that they enjoyed the fresh air so much that transformed their garage into a full craft and word-working shop using a space organization system. They have also placed a screen the width of the garage to enjoy the seasons.

For more information on designing a garage to suit your custom needs, or to just ask a few more questions about how a garage storage solution may benefit your lifestyle, see the following links:

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