Santa to Tell Stories at Nautica in Sylvania

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Again this year, Santa will be at Nautica Coffee Shop at Mayberry Square in Sylvania to take Christmas wishes, sit for pictures, and tell original stories about Christmas. Every Sunday in Advent, Santa will tell a story between 4 and 6 on Sundays (stories will usually start around 5:15 PM and last 15-20 minutes). The stories are suitable for all ages and open to the public at no charge. You are encouraged to bring your own camera for pictures with a real bearded, blue eyed, Santa Claus. The stories to be presented are:

December 2 Quincy the Big, Overprotective Puppy
Grace is a little girl embarrassed by a birthmark on her face. Santa’s elf Nayjamae as picked out a special doll, also with a birthmark for her special gift. This story involves Santa delivering this gift. Interact as Santa is greeted from Quincy as he crawls out of the fireplace. It starts with a big sloppy kiss, a little play and then Quincy becomes protective of Grace’s gift, finally Santa sings a song to quiet Quincy. A lot of interaction and play as Santa gets down on the floor with the children.

December 9 The History of Santa Claus
A look at how Santa Claus has evolved from a generous individual of the 3rd century to the phenomena he is today. Will look at a timeline of Santa, how he has changed, how other cultures perceive him, and the commercialization. Finally, a discussion on the relationship between Santa and Christmas.

December 16 Joyous Advent
Told by Father Christmas. This story looks at David Milton as he takes his grandchildren home from Thanksgiving dinner. His grandson Zack mentions how he is excited about Christmas. Paw- Paw David explains he first needs to make it through Advent and the time of waiting for the gift of baby Jesus. This story looks at Advent and the promise of Hope at Christmas.

December 23 Santa’s Suspenders
A story about Santa and learning to fly the reindeer with the help of leather making elf named Schuster. A fun interactive story that has lots of ups and downs, but is fun for all. It also helps explain how Santa keeps his pants up as he swoops up and down the chimneys.

Nautica would like to thank Dave Davis of “Christmas Lore” for his contribution to the Santa Stories. Dave is a self proclaimed Christmas Culture Aficionado and has a library of original Christmas stories online at (click on the Original Stories Tab on the left). Visits and stories from Santa can be arranged through information on that web site or by email .

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