New Years Eve Burning Bowl Ceremony

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New Years Eve Burning Bowl Ceremony

Monday, December 31
7 p.m.
The Burning Bowl Service is a time to relinquish anything that burdens your mind and at the same time identify those things in your life that you wish to occur in the coming year.

What We Release

The paper burning portion of the ceremony is a way of letting go of what no longer works for us. We will write on paper things that we want to release in the coming year. It may be old habits that no longer serve us. Maybe we have a physical or mental habit that we are tired of. Maybe it’s a limiting thought of our own worth. Or a fear of poverty or even a fear of wealth. Maybe we need to forgive someone or forgive ourselves for something that happened in the past. Maybe we need to let go of a limiting relationship, or a way of doing things. Perhaps we would like to release a work situation.

In order to allow yourself full opportunity, you might wish to write down those things you wish to release from your life prior to coming to the service. It is not required by any means, but just a suggestion to allow yourself proper time for reflection.

What We Receive

The second part of the service allows us to ask for what is God’s vision for our life. We will be asked to write these things down as well. It might have to do with our work, our relationships, our living arrangements, our spiritual life, a state of mind, or time to meditate and pray. Whatever it is, write it down. Give no thought to past times when you’ve maybe tried to do something in your life. This is God’s vision for your New Year.

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