The Second Time Around

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The Second Time Around

Fort Lauderdale, December 2007: As the old Frank Sinatra song says, “Love is lovelier, the second time around.” But finding it is the problem. Meeting the right person does not become any easier as we move beyond our high school and college years. As life goes on, people often labor under the weight of baggage carried over from previous relationships or experiences. Where and how do adults go to meet “that special someone”? The difficulties are evidenced by the number of adults who have turned to the Internet looking for love. According to the Pew Research Institute, some 31% of American adults say they know someone who has used a dating website.

Those lonely singles who find themselves searching, be it online, in bars, or at “singles events” will be heartened to read a new love story that shows that there is hope, even for those of us weighed down with re-lationship baggage. Just Out of Reach is a tender and heartfelt novel about a man who finally realizes a deep and everlasting love?a love unlike any he has ever known before? after having his heart crushed twice. This well written and engaging novel blends Don’s “ending too soon” previous loves with Jill’s insecurities from past abuse and a present stalker. They find an all-encompassing relationship, and together are able to put their past behind them and look forward to an exciting future together.

Author Barbara Jeanne Fisher, an Ohio bookstore owner, has created memorable characters? Don, Jill, and Don’s best friend, Mark? who stay with the reader long after finishing the book. Whether they be strong and feisty, or insecure and shy, these people touch the heart in a lasting way. This page-turner is a must-read for those who still believe in love. It is a novel to be enjoyed by men and women of all ages, con-veying the message that we are never too old to love or be loved.

Just Out of Reach is a story inspired by two special people who fall in love when both of their lives had rendered them afraid to love again. They have a grand romance and an underlying passion and understanding that takes patience and kindness to develop. The unconditional love they feel for one another makes a won-derful story, one that is all too rare and much too beautiful to let die without being told.

Barbara Jeanne Fisher is also the author of the novel Stolen Moments, and is well-known for her contri-butions to eight of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

To Order the book please send a check to the Open Book at the above address. The cost of hard covers is $27.95 and paper backs are 16.95. Please make sure you mention if you want the book autographed, if so to whom and if you want anything special said.

Contact: The Open Book
Address: 118 South Front St., Fremont, Ohio 43420
Telephone: (419) 332-4601 Fax: (419) 333-0277
Email: mentorsfriend@yahoo.com

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