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The 2008 International Blues Challenge has come and gone for another year, 100 bands and 60 solo/duo acts entered and filled the clubs up and down Beale Street in Memphis last month.

Toledo’s Nite Out Productions will be celebrating the Blues Foundation’s IBC by having Kalamazoo’s entry, TC & the Roadmasters perform Saturday, March 29th. Show starts at 9:00pm at DeSimone’s Clubhouse, 1633 W. Laskey Rd. Toledo, OH 43612. Cover at the door is only $5 for the public and $2 for blues society members, “the price is kept down because everyone deserves a nite-out!!”

TC & the Roadmasters are like a hellhound on your trail, this band hits the stage running! From up-tempo shuffles & staggerin’ slow blues to driving blues rock, the band marks territory everywhere it plays. Dressed sharp & steppin’, their stories of the human condition unfold to the crowd.

TC DeLisle – vocals, guitar, keys; The Slideman drives his band like a man possessed. Leading the Roadmasters through their shows while switch hitting on guitar and keys, the old man shouts out the colorful stories.
Hurricane Rose – harp, vocals & percussion; Blowin’ like a Gulf storm aimed at Nawlins, this gal makes it rain sideways while singin’ & shakin’ that thing!
Marty King – drums & vocals; Boulevard Marty, sets out the groove that drives the juggernaut across the musical landscape.
Chuck Rule – bass & vocals; Locking on the groove like a pair of Vise-Grips on a rusty bolt, this man plays the money notes that puts them happy feet on the dance floor.
Tony Riske – guitar & vocals; Young Tony, carryin’ the torch for the next gen of blusers, is hangin’ out with an older crowd and infusing the mix with his phrasing & tone.

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Contact: Rolly or Sue Hough or 419-478-2539.

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