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Posted May 13th, 2008 by Aya Khalil  Category: Arts & Entertainment


BG newspaper and students:

I am a one of the coordinators for VFC and would like to invite you all to our groundbreaking project: Voices For Change. VFC is a national concert tour headlined by the group Outlandish as well as a national talent competition open to any artist of any shape or form who is interested in performing and presenting their art at the concert; one of the tour cities will be Detroit, MI on June 14th. Voices For Change is announcing a few things:

1. Young people have to speak up and out. We need to be part of our country and be proud of who we are. It is a priority to accept ourselves as part of our country and not be isolated. It is our job as well as our duty to voice out our beliefs and opinions to our fellow citizens.
2. We, as well as people all over, are striving for morality in the world. As a universal project or message, we are trying to create or bring back the morality we strive for in our entertainment, which takes up a huge aspect of our lives. Outlandish is, a hip-hop group promoting morality.
3. People, no matter what race, color, or religion, need to come together and work for a common cause and goal.

It is not only our duty to believe in this cause, but also to give it the chance to thrive. We need to step up, it is our job to give everyone the opportunity to be a part of it and to make it happen. There are so many things u can do for this project including come to the concert, help spread this message by working with our marketing team, and volunteer for this project. If you need anymore information on how to get hooked up with this, feel free to talk to me. Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Firas Says:

    Inshallah this event will be a success in all the cities its in and it’s effect would stretch past the cities and into the heart of this nation.

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