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If a gift is worth a thousand words, then why not put a grin on mother’s face by sending her one of the special gifts. When you are looking to purchase an important item for your mother that she will be remember it forever and she will be wearing it everyday, it is essential you make the right choice for your loving mother. Many people spend a lot of time thinking and trying to figure out what to get their mother. Every time should be different, and many of them are tired from the usual jewelry, flowers, or may be other thing. While those presents are nice, some take weeks to plan or buy.
For example, with jewelry, it takes a long time to decide on a jewelry piece for Mom, girlfriend or your wife. It has to be something nice that she is going to wear, and it has to be something that you haven’t bought for her in the last few time.
At Kathy Lo Rocks we take your favorite photos and create beautiful heirloom jewelry to treasure for a lifetime. We are able to convert your color photos into black & white. We hear all the time that our Picture Necklace, custom photo necklaces make terrific gifts. Here’s your chance to get in on the action!
Many of our items are reversible so you can choose to have a second photo on the reverse side or select from our pattern gallery.
custom photo necklaces
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