Poet Laureate Joel Lipman/Mail Art Exhibit at Main Library

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Lucas County Poet Laureate Joel Lipman, a Toledo-Lucas County Public Library Poet-In-Residence, presents a display at Main Library, 325 Michigan St., of chosen materials from his personal collection of Mail and Correspondence Art. The display is on view now through the end of July in the Humanities department located on the first level.

What is Mail and Correspondence Art? Mail Art is art which uses the postal system as a medium. The rubberstamped language, imagery and additional cancellation or postal routing is considered part of the art itself. Mail artists typically exchange transitory written or printed matter in the form of letters, zines, rubberstamped envelopes, faux postage and three-dimensional works. Mail Art, also referred to as Postal Art and Mail/Correspondence Art, is an international network of artists that grew out of the conceptual art movement in New York City during the late 1950s.

Lipman, a professor of English and Art at the University of Toledo, is a Mail artist who most often uses rubberstamped techniques to express his visual poetry. As a teen, Lipman worked in a salvage yard sorting and bailing paper and said he became intrigued by the books and pages he would often collect. Today, Lipman is considered a master in the Mail Art network and an artist extremely skilled in inking and rubberstamp techniques.

Lipmanā€™s Main Library display is international in scope and features examples of Mail Art from notable poets, writers and artists such as Ray Johnson (often dubbed the Father of Mail Art), Leslie Marmon Silko and Bern Porter.

This unique display of Mail and Correspondence Art is the first of several original exhibits the Poet Laureate will install at Toledo-Lucas County Public Library over the coming months.

As a Library Poet-In-Residence, Lipman maintains office hours at Main Library to discuss poetry with the community. His office hours will resume in the fall.

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