The Bloodsugars to play at Frankie's in Toledo

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My name is Rachel and I work for Engine Room Recordings in NYC. I am writing because one of our artists, The Bloodsugars, will be performing at Frankie’s Inner City in Toledo on July 8th and we would love it if Tell Toledo would consider running a post to help promote this event to fans of indie-rock in Toledo.

Below I have included a press release featuring The Bloodsugars providing further information. Do feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, etc.


Rachel Brodsky

Engine Room Recordings
245 Canal Street, 4th Fl
New York, NY 10013


The Bloodsugars – BQEP

(Engine Room Recordings – Digital: April 8, Physical: May 27)

The Bloodsugars to Perform Tracks from BQEP.

Toledo Performance at Frankie’s July 14th 2008 $4

“..Debut EP BQEP is about as hook-laden as you can get without being ‘My Sharona’. It’s time to shed your inhibitions and get into ‘Purpose Was Again’, a chugging, catchy single carried by the sweetly soft voice of front man Jason Rabinowitz.” – RCRDLBL.

NYC indie dance rockers The Bloodsugars are set to release their latest effort, BQEP. The boisterous 6-song EP was debuted digitally through an exclusive partnership with AmieStreet.com on April 8th and became the best-selling record of the week across all genres on the site. A week later it was released across all digital platforms and had its physical release on May 27th 2008. The Bloodsugars will be performing in Toledo at Frankie’s on Tuesday, JULY 14 (8pm).

The Bloodsugars stand apart from other “indie dance rock” bands with their intelligent songwriting and arrangements. Anyone who has ever played an instrument can immediately pick up on the tremendous technical aptitude showcased by all four members. The band is so tasteful in the implementation of their abilities that it’s easy to simply escape into the beauty and excitement of the songs, without being conscious of how meticulously sculpted they are. Mixed by the highly accomplished Dan Hetzel (Jennifer Lopez, Blondie, Ginuwine), each song is equally as unique as it is instantly accessible. The Bloodsugars consistently manage to squeeze enthusiasm out of the most jaded scenesters, surprised to hear dance music that engages their minds as well as their feet.

Note: Jason Rabinowitz decided to name the band The Bloodsugars as a wink to being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 9. The band was originally formed with fellow NYC-natives and school chums David Beauchamp on drums, Brendan O’Grady on bass and Matt Katz on synths. Beauchamp has since parted ways with the group to devote more time to playing with the Jeffrey Lewis Band, and The Bloodsugars have been blessed with the addition of Kenneth Salters behind the kit.

BQEP was released by Engine Room Recordings, the label that brought you the Guilt by Association compilation featuring Devendra Banhart, Will Oldham, Superchunk and others. The Bloodsugars will be joining fellow indie artists covering their favorite guilty pleasure tunes on Guilt by Association Vol. 2, out summer of 2008.

For Guest List Spots for the 7/08 at Frankie’s Inner City + Other Press inquiries Contact

Rachel Brodsky @ Engine Room Recordings

Rachel@engineroomrecordings.com, 212-941.5657

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