New arena football team named Toledo Bullfrogs

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(Toledo, OH) – Toledo Arena Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce that the new professional arena football team in Toledo will be named the “Toledo Bullfrogs”.

The team will begin play in the spring of 2010 at the brand new Lucas County Downtown Arena which is currently under construction.

The name of the team and unveiling of team logos will officially be announced at a press conference today at Fifth Third Field at 11:00 AM.

Toledo Arena Sports, Inc. President Joe Napoli said, “Our desire is to capitalize on the rich history of Toledo by telling a wonderful story about the Great Black Swamp and ‘Frog Town’. The storyline speaks directly to the set of nearly a dozen unique logos that will appeal to all age groups.”

Toledo Arena Sports, Inc. Chairman of the Board Mike Miller said, “We are once again very excited to have a name that ties the team close to the community. The team logos will be a good fit for both genders and all ages.”

“There’s no doubt that the Toledo Bullfrogs will provide a jumping good time for fans throughout Lucas County,” said Commissioner Tina Skeldon Wozniak, President of the Board.

“Let’s be clear: the Toledo Bullfrogs will be the best af2 franchise around – and that’s no bull,” said Commissioner Pete Gerken.

“I can’t wait for the Toledo Bullfrogs to leap into action at our new multi-purpose arena. It’ll be a great time for fans and families alike,” said Commissioner Ben Konop.

Bullfrog fans can purchase merchandise for the new team at the newly launched team website at

Frog History In Toledo
Toledo sits on what was once the Great Black Swamp. When the city was first founded, there was an infestation of frogs in the area. Folklore has it that the city went through seven ministers who returned to the east coast because the croaking of frogs kept them up at night! You couldn’t walk around town without stepping on a frog. The newspaper was even called the “Toledo Frog.” When the courthouse opened on New Year’s Day 1897, a commemorative mosaic depicting a frog was embedded in the floor of the Adams Street entrance and the “Frogtown” nickname was born.

Frogtown’s heritage lives on today with Toledo Bullfrogs. The Bullfrogs is the rebel child in our family of sports teams. This team is tough, hungry and ready for a fight. Fans will enjoy the massive bullfrog croak that will lead our players onto the field! Rain or shine, you can expect first-class, family fun at “The Swamp.”

The name Toledo Bullfrogs was well-thought out and many criteria went into the decision making process including but not limited to the following:

· Will appeal to all age groups (men, women & children)
· Unique name and logo – one of a kind
· Historical folklore – there is a historical connection between name and region – an entertaining story can be told.
· Logos can be easily embroidered and screen-printed for merchandise
· Can be easily spelled and understood when spoken
· Name should include city name (Toledo) for regional and national identification
· Mascot names and characters can be developed from name
· Team colors are different from regional professional and major collegiate teams

About af2:
Founded in 1999, af2 currently has 28 teams playing in 18 states

With its ninth season recently completed, af2 serves as a vehicle to bring Arena Football to mid-size markets and act as a developmental league with an unmatched history of sending players, coaches and officials to major professional football leagues each year.

In 2008, an all-time, league-best 163 former af2 players made the final roster or practice squad for an Arena Football League (AFL) team. In addition, 29 former af2 coaches served on the sidelines for AFL teams in 2008.

Nearly 33 percent of the players currently in the AFL have played in af2.

Along with the Arena Football League, which completed its 22nd season in July, af2 abides by a FANS’ BILL OF RIGHTS, which is a list of 10 truths that AFL/af2 hold to be self-evident. Fans are within their rights to expect, among other things, a wholesome environment in which to take in an affordable, total entertainment experience.

Win or lose, the home team holds a 30-minute AUTOGRAPH SESSION on the field following each game.

Further information on AF2 is available from its website at

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