New Main Library Office Hours With Poet Laureate Joel Lipman

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Open Public Conversations
With Poet Laureate Joel Lipman

*2008-2009 Office Hours at Main Library*

The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is proud to continue its partnership with University of Toledo Art & English professor Joel Lipman, named the area’s first Poet Laureate in 2007 by the Lucas County Commissioners.

Lipman is Poet-In-Residence at Main Library, 325 Michigan St., downtown Toledo, for the duration of his two-year appointment as the County’s Poet Laureate. During his residency, Lipman holds Open Public Conversations with the Poet Laureate, whereby poets and writers can drop in during scheduled office hours in Main’s Humanities department.

Lipman’s current office hours are scheduled from 2:30 – 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, now through May, 2009.

“The hours are times when citizens can drop in and discuss poetry, their own poems, and questions regarding community writing groups or other matters regarding the art of poetry. I look forward to these conversational hours,” said Lipman.

Lipman’s Open Public Conversations serve as one segment of his residency and partnership with the Library. He also has hosted poetry-related events and poetry exhibits. Lipman works with adults, and also conducts workshops with junior high and high school students at various schools throughout Lucas County.

“I view this partnership as an extraordinary opportunity for Mr. Lipman to further expose and enhance the rich and vital poetry scene in Lucas County,” said Clyde Scoles, Library Director.

For more details, please call Main Library’s Humanities Department at 419.259.5218.

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