Aqua Hut now handles Jackson Day Tripper Kayaks

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Aqua Hut will now be selling and renting the Jackson Day Tripper Kayaks.
The Day Trippers come in two versions… The Day Tripper and Day Tripper Elites.

The Day Trippers truly are different and are ushering in a fresh experience for those looking for more out of their recreational kayak. Their focus is on providing the room and versatility required for anyone that wants to bring the vast array of items that help make the experience on the water that much better.

Want to bring your dog along? There is plenty of room for the dog maybe even two!
Want to bring a child along? Just attach the “Kids Seat” (Summer 2008) for an instant tandem that allows to bring your child along for a great day paddling…
Want to go camping? With the included Jackson Rec dry bag for camera’s and other dry equipment, as well as the removable “Elite Seat” for camping/picnicking, you have the best outfitted kayaks in the market…
Want to go kayak fishing? The 2008 “Day Tray” is the answer to the perfect workbench for attaching multiple rod mounts, fish finders, GPS units, you name it. It even has a built in tackle box.
Stop by or call Aqua Hut at 419-531-4655 for more information.

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