BusinessVoice Celebrates 20th Year with Client Profiles

Posted Jan 21st, 2009 by Scott Greggory  Category: Business


Any company that stays in business for 20 years owes a lot to the people who buy what it sells. So, when the team at BusinessVoice thought about how they wanted to celebrate their 20th anniversary, they immediately thought of their clients.

“Our clients have contributed so much to our success, so it made sense to celebrate them and all that they’ve done for us,” said BusinessVoice president and founder Jerry Brown. The agency will be adding one client profile and audio sample per month to its website to showcase how each client has grown and prospered over the years, and how BusinessVoice has helped them succeed. The profiles can be found at www.businessvoice.com/bv_client_profile.html

Founded in 1989, BusinessVoice is Point-Of-Entry Marketing agency that serves about 6,000 client locations across North America. They provide On Hold Marketing, Point-Of-Purchase Audio, Website Design and Development, and many other services that help their clients increase customer share and retention.

To learn more, visit www.businessvoice.com or call toll-free 866/473-9000.

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