Spring Festival Celebration by the Toledo Chinese Community

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Toledo, OH February 1st, 2009 – One of the biggest Chinese events in town, the 2009 Spring Festival will be held at 6:00 PM on February 8th, at the University of Toledo Student Union Auditorium. A rich and diverse cultural program will be presented to celebrate the most important holiday in Chinese culture. The program will include music, dance, Tai Chi, martial arts and much more. Admission is $5 per person, free to UT students with student ID and members of the Chinese Association of Greater Toledo. (See below for membership information)

Spring Festival, also called Chinese New Year, is a time when families traditionally gather with realtives and friends to share a feast and give thanks. Many Asian cultures celebrate this Lunar New Year, which begins with the first new moon after the Winter Solstice and culminates with the full moon. Reunion with loved ones is always the highlight of the holodays.

There are three sponsors for the Spring Festival event at UT: the Chinese Association of Greater Toledo (CAGT), theUniversity of Toledo Chinese Student Union (UTCSU) and the Chinese Center of Toledo (doing business as Toledo Chinese School).

CAGT, established in 1965, is a non-profit organization with a clear mission of promoting Chinese culture, tradition and language in the region; passing on China‚Äôs proud heritage to the local community; and providing community support programs to the members as well as other groups in the area. We are dedicated to promoting both personal and professional development of our members creating an avenue for bridging two of the greatest countries — China and the US .

There are several thousand Chinese in the Greater Toledo area, involved in education, research, business, or simply visiting. One of the greatest challenges for our group is not only to adapt to the new cultural environment, but also to add the value of our heritage to the local community. With accelerating economic development in China , we anticipate a fast growing number of Chinese in the region and an increase in exchanges of education and business, as well as cultural and social programs. CAGT has a natural fit with these imminent changes.

For more information about the Chinese Association of Greater Toledo, including a membership form: http://toledochinese.org/

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