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CONTACT: Hewen Slak
Phone: (419) 205-2094
Email: chinacentertoledo@yahoo.com
Website: chinacentertoledo.com
Toledo, OH, Feb 1st, 2009 – To facilitate trade, education and culture exchange between Toledo and China, the former president of the Chinese Association of Greater Toledo, Hewen Slak partners with Joyce Jiang Xiang set up ChinaCenter Toledo at the beginning of 2008 to accomplish these goals.
ChinaCenter Toledo will leverage the local Chinese community talent, resources and connections, to help build bridges with China, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore (where Mandarin is the official language) and help attract Chinese investment to boost the Toledo economy.
Besides Consulting, Sourcing and Administrative services, ChinaCenter Toledo is currently offering two major programs in the metro Toledo area:
1. ‘Doing Business with China’ to corporations. Training on Chinese business culture, language and business practice.
2. ‘Chinese Immersion Program for Children K-12’ to prepare your child for the ever-changing global economy! More than one billion people worldwide speak Chinese, making it one of the most important languages to learn in the 21st century, for economic, cultural and political reasons. The acquisition of the Chinese language will give your child a competitive edge in the future.

For more information, please contact: chinacentertoledo@yahoo.com or
Hewen Slak, hslak@yahoo.com at (419) 205-2094 or
Joyce Xiang Jiang joyjiang2003@yahoo.com at (419) 882-2912

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