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Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC’s newest component is here!! Order trade publications for COMPLETELY FREE!!! Click on http://yourcomputerneeds.tradepub.com/.

Order industry publications from agriculture to multimedia, from computers to Information Technology, from retail to website management, from human resources to Utility & Energy, and so much more! Best of all, they’ll be mailed to you FOR FREE OR you can digitally download them FOR FREE.

International publications such as IEN Italia, Industria Avicola, CFO Europe, Technische Revue and ECN Asia are also available FOR FREE.

Don’t delay! Click on http://yourcomputerneeds.tradepub.com/, then click on “Magazine Subjects” to order your FREE publication(s).

Questions? Send e-mail inquiries to Mzpresceo@yourcomputerneeds.net and have on the subject line “Trade Publications Inquiry.” You may also call 419-729-2056 or 419-304-4564.

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