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Toledo OH- Dave’s Hideaway II, 5347 N. Detroit Ave., will be rocking with
some cabin fever breaking fun, and laughter as they host a Comedy
Nights, featuring Master Hypnotist Michael Night who brings his wildly
hilarious comedy magic and hypnosis show to Toledo on Thursday
March 19th, with one show only at 7:30 PM.

Michael Night says “You can expect to see some wild magic and lots of
crazy fun as your friends and family members volunteer to be
hypnotized for a fun night.

I love Dave’s Hideaway and I’m excited to be coming to
back to Toledo on the 19th.” Night said no two performances are ever the
same as we bring out different personalities from the participants in
each show. “A lot of people have only seen hypnosis demonstrated on
TV, now they can see this unique phenomenon in person. Night said
“Anyone can be hypnotized. They just have to allow themselves too anyhow.
A person who is unwilling to relax and follow the suggestions obviously can’t.
Of course people enter the hypnotic state at different levels”

“After the show is over, people often say they wish they would have
volunteered to come up. They see how much fun it is and realize I’m
not going to make them cluck like a chicken, bark like a dog or any of that
embarrassing non sense.”

Night does not do anything that he would not do himself. “I want people to
have a great time and come back when I return!” Night said. Night works
all over the country headlining comedy clubs and working for many
large companies.
You can find more information on Night at http://www.MichaelNight.com

Tickets are now on sale at Dave’s Hideaway II, The comedy begins at 7:30 PM
For information and tickets call Dave’s Hideaway II, (419)470-9814 Michael Night
419 699-9499 Photos at http://www.michaelnight.com


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