Toledo Salon des Refusés Show sponsored this year by PRIZM

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Prizm Creative Community, a local non-profit 501 (c) (3) will seek to preserve a discontinued but long standing Toledo tradition by sponsoring a Salon des Refusés show this summer at the Parkwood Gallery in Toledo. The Salon des Refusés show, a long standing and well loved Toledo tradition for over seventeen years is an exhibit for art rejected by the Toledo Area Artists Exhibition held each year in the Toledo Museum of Art. The TAA show sponsored by the Toledo Federation of Art Societies attracts many entries from all over the country from artists who live or who at one time lived in the 17 county area served by the Toledo Museum of Art.

Toledo is proud of its fine artistic traditions. The Toledo Museum of Art is one of a handful of museum’s countrywide that allows area artists the opportunity of displaying each year. The TAA show is an annual competition where residents of Toledo and the surrounding areas can display their artwork. The Salon show grew out of the realization that only a fraction of the entries for the TFAA show would actually be able to be juried into and displayed in the Toledo Museum of Art, while many other fine pieces would not have an opportunity to be viewed by the public. “Giving more artists an opportunity to exhibit fits well with our charitable tax exempt purposes,” stated Darlene Krohn, current Vice-President of PRIZM. “We are grateful that the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo is also supportive of local artists and has chosen to make the Parkwood Gallery available for this popular exhibit.” Being able to display the Salon show in close proximity to the Museum is an added convenience for art aficionados who make sure they attend both exhibitions.

The Salon des Refusés Show, which in French means “exhibit of rejects,” takes its name from an exhibition held in Paris in 1863 by Napoleon III for those artists whose work had been rejected by the prestigious Paris Salon. The official Paris Salon was an important event on the French arts calendar; paintings were selected by jury, prizes awarded, and paintings were bought by collectors and government. The jury’s taste in painting was conservative and traditional in what was considered proper painting techniques and suitable subject matter. It was not unusual to have the event make or break the reputation of artists. Many artists now considered masters had their work rejected. Rejected paintings had a red R stamped on the back for refusé (rejected). “This mark not only declared a work unsuitable for the Salon show, it forever branded it as unworthy of being sold to a private buyer.

The legendary original Salon des Refusés show of 1863 included a who’s who of future impressionist masters like Manet, Degas and Renoir. Other famous artists included that year were Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissarro and James Whistler. The Salon des Refusés of 1863 is regarded as a turning point in the history of art and some describe the show as ‘the most convenient date from which to begin a history of modern painting. Today by extension, salon des refusés refer to any exhibition of works rejected from a juried art show.

The local Salon des Refusés show which has been held in various downtown locations since its inception has also earned a reputation for quality exhibitions among area art critics. To some this would suggest strength in our local education, museum and art groups programs. One fact is certain and that is that the TFAS and Toledo Art Museum sponsored TAA show attracts hundreds and sometimes even thousands of entries by capable artists. Who knows perhaps someone refused for the TAA show and prominently displayed in the Salon show this year will be considered a Master in the future or is already a respected artist in their work! In today’s world with a huge array of eclectic taste in art appreciation there certainly is no longer a stigma to displaying in a refusal show! One thing is perfectly clear, on opening night of the TAA and the Salon des Refusés shows everyone will enjoy not only a visual feast but a celebration of Toledo and some of our finest home grown talent!

This year the Toledo Federation of Art Societies in connection with the Museum is accepting digital applications and will send out electronic rejections for the TAA Show. Prizm will make available registration forms to the Salon show to those artists who forward their email rejection notification to the TAA show to prizm@bex.net. The Salon des Refusés show will be held for six weeks this year from July the 10th – August 21st with the opening reception on Friday July the 10th.

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  1. Dorothy Applegate Says:

    Hi Annette, I have sent under separate email information about the two pieces that did not make it into the Area Artist show. Let me know what I need to do to get my pieces into the Salon show.

    Thank You,
    Dorothy Applegate

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