Toledo Street Hockey: NEW SEASON BEGINS SOON

Posted Feb 28th, 2009 by Victoria Boraggina  Category: Sports, Toledo.com


The Toledo Street Hockey League begins a new season on Saturday March 21st. All skill levels and ages welcome. We have a kids league, two divisions, and a foot league. This is a no checking league and the fees are minimal. Come see us at toledostreethockey.com!

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Victoria Boraggina - Toledo Street Hockey League, OH

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One Response to “Toledo Street Hockey: NEW SEASON BEGINS SOON”

  1. Sydney Says:

    Toledo Street Hockey-
    this season was great!! :] hope next season more kids will join the league.so we dont have to play the same team every game.i will ask some friends but i bet they wont play.

    Go Toledo Storm!!for winning the playoffs this season

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