Jim Morrison Tribute (Live on Stage)

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Friday, May 10, 2009 at 8 PM
The Lizard King lives again as Jim West takes the stage, paying homage to rock ‘n’ roll’s most mysterious master of debauchery, Chief Mojo Risin’. West has been endorsed as almost disturbingly authentic by numerous folks from around the country, most notably, Doors keyboardist, Ray Manzarek. The imitator even claims that Morrison’s (probably drunk) ghost graced the stage with him one night. “I wasn’t really serious, but one night before a show I just sort of said that I wished Jim Morrison would join me on stage. That night, my girlfriend took some pictures and in one of them, you can clearly see a lighted figure standing next to me that looks like it’s holding a microphone.”

This should be an entertaining show. Look at the pants!
Ohio Theatre, 3114 Lagrange St. $10 in advance for stadium seating $12 for orchestra. At door add $2.00 per ticket.

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