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TOLEDO, Ohio, May 27, 2009 – Toledo Express Airport announced today that JetAmerica will begin non-stop service from Toledo Express (TOL) to Melbourne International Airport in Florida (MLB) and Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in New Jersey on July 13, 2009 and will launch non-stop service to Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) on August 14, 2009. Jet America chose Toledo as its first focus city and launched its “Let’s Get America Flying Again” campaign today here.

Toledo Express is helping to promote JetAmerica with a U.S. Department of Transportation Small Community Air Service Development Grant. The grant is intended to enhance air travel to and from underserved cities. Other incentives include waiving take-off, landing and gate fees and offering motorists inexpensive 24-hour parking rates.

JetAmerica will provide full size, fuel-efficient Next Generation Boeing 737-800 series non-stop jet flights at fares 50 to 70 percent less than other major airlines. The non-stop one-way seats went on sale today beginning at $9 per one-way segment. Up to nine seats per flight are available for the $9 fare. JetAmerica expects to be profitable because it is serving secondary cities where there are few flight options and minimal competition. Furthermore, JetAmerica is stimulating markets with some of the lowest air fares in the nation which should encourage business travelers as well as leisure passengers to start flying from their hometown rather than from larger out-of-of-town airports, which previously offered better deals.

Reservations can be made via and highlights include:

* Minimum of nine seats for $9 on every flight
* Taxes & fees extra
* JetAmerica will be flying Boeing 737-800 Series Next Generation Jets
* Each jet has 189 seats and has a single class cabin
* Meal and beverage services for purchase
* In-Flight audio and video entertainment for purchase

“We are very excited about the opportunity here today. Not only do we now have three new destinations with big-jet service in Toledo – we also have a Newark schedule that will support same-day business travel to the New York metropolitan area,” says Michael J. Stolarczyk, President of the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority. “This creates a true value for our community. It is up to our community to support this service. Jet America will only be as successful as the people of this region allow it to be.”

JetAmerica Chief Executive Officer John Weikle says, “Our goal is to fly wherever JetAmerica can offer air fares of at least 40 percent less than competitors.” He stresses, “The Jet America business model is based on flying routes to mostly secondary, underserved cities with populations of 3 to 6 million people living within 75 miles of uncongested airports that do not currently provide big jet, direct, non-stop service to key destinations.”

Although critics may charge that uncertain economic times, high unemployment rates and airline cutbacks are warnings of failure, Weikle responds, “This is actually a good time for a ‘start-up’ because airlines are cutting flights and removing a significant amount of capacity from the system. Since deregulation of our industry 31 years ago, with a few exceptions, specifically in 2001 and so far in 2009, more people fly every year as fares go down and the population goes up.”

Weikle says, “JetAmerica’s plan is to fill the gap left by big, high cost legacy airlines that have recently trimmed or eliminated services in many markets. Those airlines have removed mainline jets from smaller airports including Toledo, Lansing, South Bend, Melbourne and some of our potential future focus cities. Those airlines have also closed or downsized some of their hubs in larger cities. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh are two examples.”

Weikle finally emphasizes, “JetAmerica is taking a very frugal approach to growth and conserving capital. To begin with, rather than purchasing aircraft JetAmerica is instead contracting with a seasoned air carrier to provide planes and experienced flight crews. JetAmerica is currently a Part 380 Indirect Air Carrier. When Jet America is fully operational we expect to have a fleet of four jetliners within a year and 20 within five years.”

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