Embrace Your Magic at the Old West End Festival!

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Embrace Your Magic launches this weekend at the Old West End Festival & Art Fair. Comprised of alternative healing, arts and business professionals, Michael Ellison, Ph.D, Cheryl Harmsen, Melanie A. Stinson, and Julie Auger, the group is excited to participate in this annual community-based event.

Stress is known to cause up to 80% of illness. Embrace Your Magic offers various uninvasive techniques to enhance stress relief for the physical, mental and emotional self. When stress levels are minimized natural healing begins. This process can be enhanced by eating nourishing whole foods and including daily self-nurturing practices and breathing techniques, which we will gladly discuss with you.

We offer:
* Stress relief, relaxation and break-through insights to wellness and conscious living through CCT, Reiki, Embodying Light and other modalities
* Good vibe products for ongoing emotional and spiritual support
* Private clothed sessions for individuals with one practitioner, two or all of us (we consult with each other if appropriate)
* Professional, arts-related, performance & personal growth sessions and consulting

We will demonstrate one or more of our alivement and transformative experiences during the event and offer free sessions first-come first-served. Those who desire to contribute to the group’s endeavors may do so. 10% of all donations will go to Mountain Mentoring, an all-volunteer group offering young people outdoor experiences that help change

Embrace Your Magic… celebrate who you are–with us! Visit us live or on the web: http://embraceyourmagic.com

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