Toledo Dog Training Sponsors Puppy Workshop Fundraiser

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Toledo Dog Training will do its part to educate the public about the importance of positive puppy training and to raise money for Assistance Dogs Of America Inc.

The fundraiser and informative lecture will be held from 6:30-9 p.m. on Monday, July 27 at Toledo Dog Training’s headquarters in Holland, Ohio. The event seeks to raise money for Assistance Dogs Of America’s Puppy Program and to educate the public positive puppy training and puppy behavior.

This 2.5-hour workshop will teach puppy owners how to provide a well-balanced & harmonious household with their puppy. Miscommunication between puppies and owners can result in chaos. This workshop will address such issues, and get owners and their puppies off to a good start.

Topics include:
·How To Train Your Puppy
·Motivating Your Puppy
·Potty Training/Crate Training
·Hyper Puppy
·Proper Toys
·Puppy Socialization
·Puppy Development
·Appropriate Leadership Skills
·Handling Your Puppy
·Puppies & Children
·Preventing Behavior Problems
·Handouts Provided
·Q & A

“At Toledo Dog Training, we are dedicated to improving relationships between owners and their dogs. Puppies start learning in the womb, therefore owners should be prepared to teach their puppies how to live in their human world right away,” said Tonya Wilhelm, owner and dog trainer. With positive training, no puppy is too young to start training. Starting puppies young with socialization and training is key for the dog to live up to its true potential as a member of the family. Tonya teaches proper socialization, how to build a good relationship with the puppy and how to avoid common behavior problems.

Puppy training and socialization is a key component in helping ensure a mentally stable adult dog. Studies show that exposing puppies to a variety of people, places, and things in the early stages of development help puppies develop into confident and well-adjusted dogs.

Pre-Registration is required. Interested puppy owners can call Tonya at 419-699-7785 or register online at Toledo Dog Training’s website at www.toledodogtraining.com

Tonya Wilhelm, Training Director

Tonya Wilhelm has been teaching owners and their dogs since 1998. Her positive and fun training approach has been building lasting dog-owner relationships ever since.

Toledo Dog Training is a superior dog training center. Toledo Dog Training is located at 601 S. McCord Rd., Holland, OH 43528 with a satellite location at South Suburban Animal Hospital in Levis Commons-Perrysburg.

Assistance Dogs of America, Inc. helps children and adults with disabilities achieve greater independence by training and placing service and therapy dogs to assist with the individual’s daily needs. www.adai.org

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