Karaoke World Championships USA comes to BierStube in Toledo

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********** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE **********
CONTACT: Jeff Bollin, Owner
Bier Stube
5333 Monroe Street,#30
Toledo, OH 43623
Phone: 419-460-8255
Website: http://www. bierstubetoledo.com
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUDYO414EMg
KWCUSA site: http://www.kwcusa.net

Bier Stube will be hosting the local competition for the Karaoke World Championships USA, beginning in June, with the winners eligible to compete at the state level and a chance to appear at the international Karaoke World Championships in Finland.
Bier Stube‘s judges will choose the best male and female competitors from among the contestants slated to perform each night of competition. The top overall male and female contestants are eligible to compete at the state-level KWCUSA competition, and could go on to represent the United States as the nation’s best singers at the international level on September 11 and 12 in Lahti, Finland.
Competitors are allowed to perform their best songs, and will be judged on criteria such as stage presence, entertainment value, and vocal expression, in addition to voice quality, rhythm and tempo.
Much of our best local singing talent will be competing in the 2009 annual event, and vying for one of the two coveted spots that will advance to the next round. Top winners at the national level will receive a slate of prizes valued at over $4,000, including studio recording time and custom song demos to help them further their singing careers, and round-trip air fare and hotel accommodations in Lahti, Finland for the international competition.
Bier Stube is hosting the local competition, as we believe we have some of the best talent around, and hope ultimately to have our singers secure a place at the international competition.
Sponsored by Chartbuster Karaoke, the world leader in karaoke music, the Karaoke world Championships USA is the only competition in the United States granted an exclusive license by the international karaoke authority. The top talent in the nation will compete on the International Street Bandstand August 6-8 at King’s Island in Mason, OH, near Cincinnati, following the completion of the regional finals.
Bier Stube will open our doors to members of the press interested in covering this event, and provide access to the competitors and organizers for interviews and still and video photography upon request. For more details, please contact Jeff Bolin using the information above, or contact Wendell Payne of the KWCUSA via email at Wendell@kwcusa.net, or by phone at (866) 610-7464 ext 900.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUDYO414EMg
KWCUSA site: http://www.kwcusa.net

Karaoke World Championships
Wendell S. Payne
9378 S Mason Montgomery Road, 231
Mason, OH 45040
Phone: (866) 610-7464
Email: wendell@kwcusa.net

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