Pirates Plan Attack on Put-in-Bay’s Jet Express

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(PUT-IN-BAY, OHIO – June 17, 2009) – The official kick off of Put-in-Bay’s Pirate Fest weekend will be at approximately 4:00 pm on Friday, June 26th as costumed and armed pirates sail around Gibraltar Island and commence cannon fire on the pirate encampment in DeRivera Park. Cannon fire will be returned from the park and also from the U.S. Brig Niagara as it sails out of Put-in-Bay’s downtown harbor. Once the attacking pirates land and the Pirate Fest proclamation is read, they will assemble and attack the Jet Express on Fox’s Dock at approximately 5:00 pm.

Prime filming accommodations on Fox’s Dock are available for the media and space can be reserved by contacting local Buccaneer Nick James at PIB-TV (419-573-9221).

Cannons and cannon firing will be coordinated by Bob Gillmor; the cannon fire coordinator for The Last Samurai, Master and Commander, and Gods and Generals.

Landlubbing visitors and swashbuckling islanders will be wearing a variety of pirate costumes for the Pirate Fest event, which runs from June 26th through June 29th. On Saturday, there will be a pirate parade at 3 pm followed by pirate costume contests for the adults and children, and an appearance by certain rascally Captain Jack and his look-a-like crew from a popular Disney film set in the Caribbean. The Captain and his crew will be available for photos and provide sword-fighting displays in the afternoon. Award-winning Put-in-Bay mystery novelist Bob Adamov and his pirate crew will also be signing copies of his latest novels in the park.

Pirate events on Sunday include a pirate raid on the antique car parade and a Kid’s Fest in DeRivera Park, which includes face painting, pirate tattoos and a water safety program.

Pirate Fest wraps up on Monday with a cardboard boat regatta at 6:00 pm and the abduction of your matey for 25 buck-a-roos. The abductees will be forced to walk the plank or give up their booty to obtain their freedom.

The pirate encampment and Pirate Marketplace in DeRivera Park will run all four days of the event. Treasure hunts and maps to “Hidden Pirates” will be available. The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society will have a pirate exhibit and treasure hunt. “Pirate Friendly” shops will be offering discounts and special pricing for visitors during this fun-filled event.

Further information about the Pirate Fest can be obtained from Pirate Queen Maggie Beckford, Executive Director of the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, the events sponsoring organization. Contact her at Maggie_Beckford@VisitPutinBay.com or at 419-341-2181.

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