Lakeside to Host Hoover Potato Digger Dedication – July 5

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Lakeside to Host Hoover Potato Digger Dedication – July 5, 2009

Lakeside, Ohio – Behind the grand façade of Hoover Auditorium, famed artists have performed and renowned speakers have lectured, yet this esteemed edifice would not be possible without the proven leadership and dedication of the Hoover family, who selflessly gave of their own money to preserve the legacy and longevity of Lakeside, the Chautauqua on Lake Erie. At 3:15 p.m. Sunday, July 5 at the corner of Walnut Avenue and Fourth Street behind Hoover Auditorium, Lakeside will dedicate an original Hoover Potato Digger that was sold to generate funds to support this Chautauqua community. Prior to the dedication ceremony, Lisa Yako will deliver the Heritage Society Lecture at 2 p.m. in Orchestra Hall regarding the history behind the Hoover family and potato digger. All are welcome to attend and help Lakeside celebrate.

Thanks to Clayton Werden, Jr. and family, the Hoover Potato Digger has a new permanent home in Lakeside at Walnut Avenue and Fourth Street. The digger was originally gifted by the Lakeside Association to the Heritage Society last fall. Thanks to its members and the hard work of Carol and Joe Morgan, they have helped Lakeside realize the rich history of this farming implement and its inventor, Isaac W. Hoover. The Werdens wanted to celebrate this potato digging wonder, which has supported many projects and advancements within Lakeside. The Hoover Potato Digger Pavilion was built this spring, thanks to the generous donations and support of the Werden family.

Born in 1845 to John and Elizabeth Hoover, Isaac grew up in the rural Ohio countryside, which prompted his decision to become a potato farmer. He was inspired by his daily work to invent a potato digger that would produce a larger and more efficient potato harvest. He received a patent on May 15, 1885, which led to the founding of the Hoover Manufacturing Company, located in Avery, Ohio. By 1916, the company had expanded worldwide, manufacturing 5,000 machines per year. Following a successful business career, the company was sold to John Deere Plow Company in 1926.

Isaac and his wife, Hannah, were among the first investors in Lakeside. Enamored by the community, the couple built a lakefront cottage in 1918. Following in his parents’ footsteps, Arthur L. Hoover became an instrumental community member and business leader, and was eventually appointed as Lakeside General Manager in 1926.

Between Arthur and Isaac Hoover, Lakeside remained stable during the Great Depression. During Arthur’s tenure as General Manager, 1926-46, the community witnessed a great renewal with the building of Orchestra Hall, the Administration Building and Central Auditorium, which was later renamed in his honor. He is credited with bringing well-known individuals to Lakeside, including Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt and Marian Anderson. Entertainment was said to have evolved during Hoover’s administration.

Lakeside is entering another era of great renewal, as we renovate, repurpose and upgrade facilities throughout the community. The Hoover Potato Digger is testament to what Lakesiders have been able to preserve and grow in this Chautauqua, regardless of the world’s state of economy.

Clayton Werden, Jr. stated, “I’ve wanted to do something for Lakeside that would last forever.” He continued, “We’ve helped support several projects in Hoover Auditorium, and the potato project was ideal.”

All are invited to attend the Hoover Potato Digger Dedication. Lakeside is a gated community; admission to the grounds requires a one-day gate pass of $17 (adult), $12 (youth ages 12-18) and children under the age of five and guests over 90 are free. Partial day passes are available for up to three hours for $5. Parking on the grounds requires a daily auto fee of $7, or there are free parking lots located off campus.

Known as the Chautauqua on Lake Erie, Lakeside is a family destination that has pioneered the act of nurturing mind, body and spirit since 1873. One of the few remaining Chautauquas in the United States, Lakeside offers a variety of spiritual, educational, cultural arts and recreational opportunities. Located between Cleveland and Toledo on Lake Erie’s south shore, Lakeside is a gated community that provides rest and renewal in addition to hundreds of enlightening and entertaining experiences. For more information on vacationing or living the Lakeside Chautauqua experience, visit www.lakesideohio.com or call 1-866-952-5374.

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