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Our Economy is suffering right now. So, much that the American people are struggling to pay for the daily necessities let along their Health Care coverage. Some companies require their members to pay thousands of dollars in Co-Pays and Deductibles before they will even pay for coverage. This is ridiculous. How could our lawmakers approve of these prices? How do you make someone have to choose between health coverage and let’s say their mortgage or even food for their families.

What if I tell you that there is a Health Benefits Company that doesn’t require their members to pay for Co-Pays or Deductibles. There is such a company. CompleteHealthBenefits.org is just what America needs. We offer health care coverage at such a reasonable price, that we have people that have been with their current providers for years switching over to us. We have the endorsement of the former presidential staff praising our great work. Our Parent Company (IAB) is a Non-Profit Company of 26 years that is Debt free. Can any other Company say that?

Our Plans Start out at $45, and go up to $290 a month. This is not a joke. We offer Dental, Vision, and Even Chiropractic care. We offer our plans to Individuals, Families, and businesses for the same low cost. Before you say it is too good to be true, there’s more. For Plans starting at $85 a month you will get Roadside assistance, Legal assistance, Identity Theft Protection and much more.

*We can help all individuals, families, all size business’s and groups.*

For more information Please visit our website at: www.CompleteHealthBenefits.org or you can call us at: Tel: (888) 421-5553

Cristin Badgley, Owner
Tel: (888) 421-5533
Email: iabassociatecris@gmail.com

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