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There is a new, exciting informational website, that allows voters to quickly and easily access questions-and-answers from political candidates, and various viewpoints on other political issues. This website, new to our region, will be spreading throughout Ohio and the country – but it was created and developed right here in Toledo!

The website will spread across the nation, but currently is the only nonpartisan, centrally organized source of information on all of Toledo’s mayoral candidates. Soon it will be a valuable resource for people in important elections all across the country, now it is an innovative resource for Toledo voters interested in this year’s critical, highly-contested mayoral race.

The website poses the same questions to each candidate, which allows voters to easily compare the responses in a side-by-side format. The answers posted come directly from the candidates and their campaign teams themselves – not modified by any third party. The site’s staff makes no commentary on the responses, only displays them for voters to draw their own conclusions.

The site promotes interaction between voters and candidates by allowing voters to submit questions and comments through the site. Which may, in turn, be submitted to the campaigns, answered by the candidates, and posted online. Polls on the site allow visitors to express opinions about the candidates and issues in this race, linked into Facebook and Twitter.

This website will provide a forum for voters across the country to examine important issues, and for candidates and issue supporters (and detractors) to engage in dialogue with the public. The possibility of topics to be addressed and issues discussed is tremendous. Check out the site now, and continue to watch to watch it evolve. This will help our region, improve political discussion; and be fun to watch this local company grow!

The web content company is a Toledo start-up company, with good web development and entrepreneurial management. Savage Consulting will be the temporary administrator of the site. If you have any questions, call (419) 697-9696 or e-mail

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