Extreme Makeover Home Edition – One Year Later

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The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is pleased to welcome Toledoan Jackie Frisch, an ordained minister, who will share her amazing story of how a national primetime TV show blessed her family of 13 one year ago.

Jackie Frisch is scheduled to deliver a FREE and open to the public talk titled “Hearts and Hands for Heroes” at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 10 at the Washington Branch Library, 5560 Harvest Lane. 13ABC Action News anchor Diane Larson is scheduled to introduce Mrs. Frisch, who will talk about how the local community and the TV show blessed her family with a new house and so much more. Mrs. Frisch says these blessings continue to ripple through her life. 13ABC Action News covered the entire makeover and Larson and Frisch still keep in close contact with each other.

The ABC TV show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, made its mark in Toledo last year when an “extreme home” was built to accommodate Jackie, her firefighter/paramedic husband Aaron, and their 11 boys comprised of the Frisch’s 3 biological children, and 8 adopted children, 5 of whom hail from Haiti and 3 from Toledo’s central city. Prior to their enlarged and spectacular Extreme Makeover home, the Frisch’s family of 13 lived in a cramped, one-story home without air conditioning.

After Mrs. Frisch’s talk, she is scheduled to answer audience questions. The Frisch family’s Extreme Makeover home is located in the neighborhood of the Washington Branch Library. The Frisch children are regular patrons of the branch.

For more details, please call Washington Branch at 419.259.5330. Space is limited!

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