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The City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods is proud to announce its very first TOUR TO!EDO Preview of Homes, a program designed to introduce new homes located in developing areas of the city to potential home buyers and investors.
The City of Toledo’s first Preview of Homes will kick-off with a free weekend public preview from noon to 6 p.m. on Friday through Sunday, November 6-8, 2009. Three featured homes will be showcased to the public, located at the following sites:
Brownstones on Dorr St. (2)
• 120 Clifton

2313 Portsmouth
• 3634 Willow Run

174 Kingswood Trail
• 3660 Burton

An invitation-only VIP TOUR is scheduled at 5 p.m. – 8 p.m., Thursday, November 5, 2009, at the all new Lucas County Arena.

The TOUR TOLEDO Preview of Toledo Homes is in conjunction with an exciting new City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods initiative titled Dream To Own ®, a program designed to stabilize our neighborhoods and highlight the beauty of the Toledo lifestyle by offering down payment assistance and home improvement-funding for first-time homebuyers.

“The City of Toledo is very proud of this exciting new Dream To Own® program and our Department of Neighborhoods’ very first TOUR TO!EDO Preview of Homes. This program and preview gives everyone in our great city the opportunity to live the American dream and truly experience all that our community has to offer,” said Toledo Mayor Carleton S. Finkbiner.

The City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods’ Dream To Own ® program is in conjunction with the Federal Government’s Neighborhood Stabilization Home Program, whereby more than $12 million is available to bring homes up to code, increase energy efficiency, and make them more affordable.

“Our Department’s TOUR TO!EDO Preview of Homes gives our officials a unique opportunity to showcase some of the great houses that are available right now in our city’s neighborhoods. We can help home buyers who thought it impossible to own a home, learn how to navigate financing, explain the tax breaks currently available and help them to achieve the American dream of home ownership so that it no longer is a dream, but an actual reality right here in the city of Toledo,” said Kattie Bond, Director of the City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods.

During the VIP Preview of TOUR TO!EDO Preview of Homes, vendors representing a wide variety of Toledo’s finest organizations and businesses will be on hand, including banks and credit unions to assist guests with special programs on home mortgages and financing options. Refreshments and food samples will also be served, and special guests and local leaders will be in attendance.

TOUR TO!EDO Preview of Homes sponsors to date include The City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods, The Blade, Buckeye CableSystem and Appliance Center.

The mission of the Department of Neighborhoods is to work with the community to create and maintain clean, safe, attractive neighborhoods.  The Department of Neighborhoods is the lead agency responsible for administering programs, projects and activities related to CDBG, HOME, ADDI and ESG programs.  The Department of Neighborhoods  provides financial and technical support for the renovation and construction of housing units, revitalizing neighborhoods by enforcing applicable codes and abating nuisances, by becoming involved with citizens, connecting them to their city government and collaborating with those private, public and non-profit entities whose purpose is to enhance the quality of life in Toledo.For more details on TOUR TOLEDO Preview of Homes or Dream to Own®, please contact The City of Toledo Department of Neighborhoods at 419.245.1417.

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