Papadosio wsg: Flow Trio to Perform at Clazel

Posted Nov 27th, 2009 by Banan AlKilani  Category: Arts & Entertainment,


Purchase tickets now at Finders BG M-S 9 to 9, RamaLama in Toledo, or the Clazel Wed through Sat after 5pm.

It is rare for Bands to have such control, understanding, and objectivity they create and produce their music. Young, freakishly mature, and wise beyond their years, Papadosio has just released a sophisticated work of art. This skillfully orchestrated jamtronic record refreshes, rearranges and gracefully does what is impossible for most bands. And that’s why Papadosio’s self titled release is happening in a big way.

The record moves with pushing and pulling arrangements which blend its electronic soundscapes that bloom into guitars and rock and roll and back again. Downtempos and arrpegiations emerge within each other, which wrap and twist into the heights of the record. Layers of depth and space are constant throughout. Front to back and between tracks, every seam is manicured and treated with sonic brilliance. The result is a slick integration of electronic and organic textures that blend and blur with precission and feeling.

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