"Its Time to Get It Together"

Posted Dec 8th, 2009 by CeCe Norwood  Category: Health


This 8-week workshop is for women incest, child sexual abuse, and rape survivors and women co-survivors such as spouse, partner, parents, siblings, friends.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide participants with the information and skills to forever manage the “triggers” that can follow being sexually abused.

“IT’S TIME TO GET IT TOGETHER” will assist survivors and co-survivors understand those issues that keep survivors caught in emotional turmoil. Survivors will learn how to successfully journey through the emotional turmoils. Co-survivors will learn meaningful ways to be supportive.

“IT’S TIME TO GET IT TOGETHER” will answer the inevitable questions survivors have of “Now what?” I’ve done counseling. I still don’t feel like myself. I don’t want to live like this. “What can I do?”

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  1. fanci Says:

    I have taken several workshops from CeCe and have found them to be fun, informative, and immediately helpful.

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