Black Swamp Bird Observatory Exec. Director Receives Award

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Kimberly Kaufman, Executive Director of Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Oak Harbor, Ohio, was recently presented with the coveted “Naturalist of the Year” Award from the distinguished Toledo Naturalists’ Association.

Since its founding in 1933, the Toledo Naturalists’ Association (TNA) has included many of the leading field biologists and naturalists of the Midwest among its members. The Naturalist of the Year Award was first given in 1957, and has been given annually since 1972. Notable past recipients have included Louis Campbell, Harold Mayfield, Steve Pollick, Julie Shieldcastle, incoming TNA president Elliot Tramer, and last year’s honoree, Rick Nirschl.

This year’s award to Ms. Kaufman recognized her work, both individually and through the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, to advance research and education involving birds and nature. In particular, TNA noted Ms. Kaufman’s accomplishment in founding the Ohio Young Birders Club, which has members throughout Ohio and beyond and has served as a model for similar efforts in 14 other states. Also lauded were Ms. Kaufman’s work in organizing educational programs for area schools and for the general public, promoting the economic value of bird watching to local businesses and media, and taking part in research on bird migration through northwest Ohio.

The presentation of the award included quotes from several people who know Kimberly Kaufman and her achievements:

“Kim has kick-started or revived a passion for birds in countless numbers of people” – Dr. Andy Jones, Cleveland Museum of Natural History

“Kim is a person who not only has great passion for her organization’s conservation and education programs, but has also the ability to translate the importance of these programs into terms that any audience can embrace” — Larry Fletcher, Ottawa County Visitors’ Bureau

“Kim Kaufman personifies perhaps the very best in combining devotion to bird watching, bird education and bird conservation” — Paul J. Baicich, Birding consultant, Author, Editor

“Kim simply lives and breathes what she does…she is what she does” –
Steve Pollick, Outdoor Columnist, The Toledo Blade

“If there were ten more visionaries with the drive and energy of Kim Kaufman, the planet’s environmental dowry would already be saved and we be well on our way toward safeguarding the rest of the galaxy” – Pete Dunne, Author, Speaker, & Executive Director of Cape May Bird Observatory

“I have met and worked with many nature educators during my career and have found many different things motivating them… I have only met one who has all the qualities, plus the ability to bring people, causes and resources together into a successful nature education organization” – Jim Berry, President, Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History

Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) is an independent, non-profit organization devoted to bird research, education, and conservation. The Observatory is the lead organization involved in hosting a massive birding festival, known as The Biggest Week in American Birding, planned for spring of 2010. BSBO is located at 13551 West State Route 2, Oak Harbor, Ohio, at the entrance to Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, halfway between Port Clinton and Toledo along State Route 2. BSBO is open year-round and features a gift shop and wonderful Window on Wildlife. For more information, call BSBO at 419-898-4070 or visit, or Toledo Naturalists’ Association at

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