Toledo Internet Marketing Builds Profits For Local Companies

Posted Mar 30th, 2010 by John Bruin  Category: Business


Toledo Internet Marketing is pleased to announce it’s new, full service, business consulting branch that focuses on cutting unnecessary spending from advertising budgets while increasing profits from the inside out.

John Bruin, CEO of Toledo Internet Marketing is a life long resident of the Toledo area. After attending Lourdes College, Mr. Bruin pursued a career as a restaurateur. He has owned 2 companies in the local area and is adept in the workings of the Toledo market place. Mr. Bruin says, “My experience has given me the knowledge to understand the exact problems that face local business owners and how to best grow their companies.”

Toledo Internet Marketing evolved from a humble SEO services base internet marketing company founded in 2004 to a full service business consulting company that is focused on using not only the internet, but many forms of contemporary marketing to build local companies’ profits.

“Toledo Internet Marketing works to also uncover the various hidden profit leaks that are keeping local businesses from solid growth.” Having a philosophy of business growth from the inside out is where Mr. Bruin says most marketing companies fail. “Local businesses have to determine where their companies are currently losing money before they can add any substantial growth.”

Although identifying profit leaks are a huge portion of Toledo Internet Marketing they also help clients optimize sales that local companies may be missing. “Being able to sell more product, at a higher price, on a more consistent basis lead to solid business growth.” says the owner.

Toledo Internet Marketing also focuses on having a targeted marketing plan to produce gains in profits. Mr. Bruin states that “Finding the marketing tactics that work, and using more of those while tracking and eliminating the useless tactics, will produce sales.”

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