ACGT Announces Bork, Brand, Cavalier, Kolasky Exhibition

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Arts Commission of Greater Toledo Announces Bork, Brand, Cavalier, Kolasky Exhibition

The Bork, Brand, Cavalier, Kolasky Exhibition will be on display May 10 through June 25, 2010 in the Parkwood Gallery. The public is invited to join us for a reception for the exhibition on Friday, June 11 from 6 to 8 pm.

This eclectic, colorful show mirrors the blooming of spring awakening around us. As the drab winter cityscape is absorbed by the warm colors of spring, too the Parkwood Gallery comes alive with bright, inspiring works that explore the possibilities of color that surround us.

Dustyn Bork’s graphic-styled mixed-media pieces focus on pattern, color, and construction. His work is not categorically “design,” but rather a response to it, as well as an abstract response to landscape. In Bork’s work, there exists both playfulness and urgency, newness and decay. “My work examines contracts of old versus new. Shiny neon caution signs play against dulled, textured obsolete advertisements,” Bork says.

Making more literal use of landscape, Renee Brand paints stunning, yet surreal watercolors of coastal villages that capture at once the nostalgia, the romance, and the dreary reality of small fishing villages that compose the northeast. Brand has a rare ability to walk the border between classic watercolor coastal village scenes, and abstract, impressionistic communication. This ability comes from her unique color sense, and adventurous use of palette.
The multi-layered multi-media works of Elizabeth Cavalier are colorful and complex, exploring creative connections. Science and art intermingle freely in concept and composition in her works. “The initial motivating source for my subject matter stems from a concept within biology, anatomy, network theory, ecology and other fields, called interconnectivity. This concept can be summarized in this way; each individual element of a specific system interacts with and relies on the other.” The result is a free-form, Pollock-esque style that creates a web of small worlds within.

Adding a three dimensional element to this spring show, David Kolasky’s glass blown works are the pure embodiment of color and form. Kolasky merged two concepts of glass blowing into one, the combination of function and craft, and unique and original design. Why glass? Because, like the spring season, glass is affected by and interacts with its environment. “Glass is a sensuous and varied medium. It shimmers in the light; colors change in the available light; and depending on where a piece is located, a color can be hot or cold looking,” Kolasky says.

The Parkwood Gallery is open Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 4:30pm and is located at 1838 Parkwood Avenue, Suite 120 off of Monroe Street in Downtown Toledo.

The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo is the longest standing arts commission in the state of Ohio that develops and promotes the arts in the community, serving Northwest Ohio since 1959. www.acgt.org. 419-254-ARTS

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