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Homes for sale in the Toledo real estate market have gained a new venue where they can be showcased. 419 Toledo Real is a brand new website that caters to the Toledo Real Estate Market and the absence of quality internet positioning within the market.

Getting targeted exposure and traffic are fundamental to selling a home in a reasonable amount of time, especially in this Toledo economic climate. By utilizing various internet marketing tactics, that up to this point have been non existent in Toledo real estate marketing, sellers and agents have a chance to spotlight their Toledo homes and listings.

With over 12,000 searches daily for properties in the Toledo area, there is an incredible amount of traffic that is not being properly targeted on the web. “Realtors are not to blame though,” says Robert Brown, Marketing Consultant, for 419Toledo Real “It takes years to properly learn how to drive internet traffic and with the busy schedules that Realtors keep it is virtually impossible to expect them to know all there is to know about the net.”

From intense video marketing and search engine optimization to email and direct response marketing, 419 Toledo Real is positioning qualified properties for high exposure and traffic.

“This is a brand new era in marketing and business in general, all service companies need to be looking to put their companies where the customers are shopping. In most cases, those customers are on the internet.” says Mr. Brown. “When was the last time you used the phone book?”

Go visit and check out the new face of Toledo real estate marketing.

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