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TOLEDO, OH (May 13, 2010) – BP-Husky Refining, LLC and First Solar, two of Imagination Station’s biggest supporters, have partnered with the science center to create the newest addition to our already exciting family of Learning Worlds.
BP and First Solar invested into the community by making this new learning world inside Imagination Station a hands-on experience into the abstract world of oil refining and solar power, unlike any other. With tremendous emphasis being placed on educating children about energy conservation, alternative energy sources and the importance of being green, Energy Factory is a major step in the right direction for science education.
Energy Factory features a number of exciting explorations that were designed by representatives from BP and First Solar, Imagination Station team members and Roto Studio, the designer that manufactured the exhibits.
The entrance of the learning world features several exhibits that explore oil refining and offers visitors the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and test their knowledge.
Included are: The Ball Refinery, a hands-on version of the oil refining process that uses colorful balls in place of crude oil to explain the process of refining; Discover Energy Storywall, an animated explanation that takes visitors through the story of how oil is created, located and extracted, to how it is refined and what it is made into; Energy Brain Quiz, which gives visitors a chance to test their knowledge of energy myths; and, the Voice of the Visitor, which affords visitors the opportunity to give their opinion on important energy topics.
The latter half of the Learning World is positioned purposefully on the picturesque riverfront of the science center, where natural sunlight is abundant.
Included in this area are exhibits like: The Photovoltaic Wall (or PV Power Panel), which is made from 8 industrial PV panels that actually collect photons from incoming sunlight and converts them into electricity. This exhibit urges visitors to become a cloud and block out the light; Follow the Sun, an interactive single person game that challenges visitors to capture the most amount of energy as they track the light; Solar Shoot Out, a competitive experience that encourages opponents to build up as much power as possible while blocking out the sunlight for their competitor; and Program a Robot, which offers a hands-on opportunity to explore the necessity for robotic technology for use in the solar power industry.
A variety of additional exhibits that focus on other forms of energy are located throughout Energy Factory.
Visitors will find: The Thermal Camera, which gives people the opportunity to visualize heat, which is a form of energy; Magnetic Clouds, an exhibit that allows visitors to ‘see’ the shape of an electromagnetic field (or EMF); the Turntable, which exemplifies Spin Energy transfer when energy is transferred from the rotating table to objects visitors place on it; and Floating in Copper which displays a property of magnetism called eddy currents.
“Since this region has a strong focus in the renewable energy industry, the opportunity to partner with Imagination Station to bring education on solar power to the children in our community was ideal.” said Carol Campbell, Executive Vice President of Human Resources for First Solar.
“Everyone uses petroleum based products everyday, and this new Learning World at Imagination Station will provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the oil refining process,” said Mark Dangler, President of BP-Husky Refining, LLC.
“We are incredibly grateful to BP and First Solar for their generous contributions to the science center and to their dedication to the education of the children of Toledo”, said Lori Hauser, Executive Director of Imagination Station. “It is because of partnerships like these that we will continue to be on the cutting edge of technology and knowledge in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) areas of study and future career choices.”
At 10:00am Thursday, May 13, Imagination Station will be holding a press conference to announce the grand opening of Energy Factory.
Mr. David Waterman, Chairman of Imagination Station’s board, Mr. Dangler and Ms. Campbell, and Mr. Carl Nelson, Imagination Station’s Chief Scientist will also speak at the press conference.
A V.I.P. reception will take place at 9:30am with opening remarks beginning at 10:00am. A unique Imagination Station style ribbon cutting will follow that will formally open the learning world to the public.
Imagination Station is a science center dedicated to inspiring in children the wonder of science and technology, preparing them for lives and careers in our knowledge-based economy. A complete list of exhibit components is included in the press kit.
WHAT: New Learning World – Energy Factory
WHEN: Thursday, May 13, 2010 – Grand Opening
WHERE: Imagination Station
One Discovery Way
Toledo, Ohio 43604

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