Top National Lab Day Scientist to Visit Summit Academy High

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Leading National Lab Day Scientist to Visit Summit Academy High School

The scientist with the most National Lab Day projects in the country will be paying a visit to Summit Academy High School, Thursday May 20th in the afternoon, beginning at 12:20, to do two sessions on data analysis with the classes of teacher Charles Dooley. Research and development engineer, Marshall Barnes, a nationally noted researcher in the area of advanced concept science and technology and probably the leading researcher in the world on the nature of time, will present the experiment in duration dilation reported on in the PLoS One journal study, Does Time Slow Down During A Frightening Event?, the somewhat famous research by Baylor College of Medicine’s David Eagleman.

Marshall’s presentation of the study has become popular with students and teachers because the students analyze videos of the experiment and perform tasks such as critical thinking and timing the two key portions that the study revolves around how long it takes for the participants to fall 150 into a contraption called a Suspended Catch Air Device (SCAD) as well as how long the participants estimated that their falls lasted. The students use technocogninetic analysis to discover and consider all aspects of the test and then compile the data to determine if the results are indeed valid – that duration dilation, the effect of perceiving time slowing down during an intense or frightening event, is a function of elongated memory.

Marshall, who began presenting interactive and multimedia presentations to students some years before the creation of National Lab Day, through his own SuperScience for High School Students program, joined the National Lab Day effort after it was announced by President Obama to be an official part of his Educate to Innovate initiative, last November. Since then he has assisted or personally engaged in numerous National Lab Day projects across the country, from Colorado to New York, from New Hampshire to Louisiana.

Marshall Barnes is available for interviews. Contact Sheila Shirley at

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