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Black & White Cab kicks off “no excuses” campaign – offering innovative and
easy ways to get home safely

They know where you are. They know what you’re doing. And now, they can help you get home safely as well.

“They” are smart phones. And as long as you have one in your hand, with
the touch of a button or a simple text message, you don’t have any excuse
to drive after enjoying a few libations. Be it with an app – or a text
message – Black & White Cab is making it easy to call for a ride.

“After a few drinks, everyone thinks they are better at karaoke, better
looking and better dancers. But no one is a better driver,” said Scott Potter,
Black & White Transportation owner. “That’s why we’ve dedicated time and
resources into making it easy and just plain cool to call a cab.”

And what better way to show just how cool it can be than to throw a party?
On Thursday, July 29, from 5 -8 p.m., at The Blarney in Downtown Toledo,
Black & White Cab is hosting the “Black & White Cab No Excuses Kick-off.”
It’s much more than posters and coasters – this event is all about
technology – and how it can get you where you want to be.

Not only will Black & White be showcasing its B4UDRIVE application (now
available on all smart phone platforms – iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid), folks
will have a chance to check out Black & White’s new texting capability, TXT 4
CAB. By texting “RIDE” to (419) 322-6772, users will be asked for their
name (if it’s the first time for them to utilize the service. Otherwise, the
user is instantly recognized) and pickup location, which can be an address,
landmark, place name or “smart code,” a four-digit number assigned to the
respective location. Once that information is entered, a cab is dispatched
and is on the way. The TXT 4 CAB system is the first of its kind for a market
the size of Toledo.

“Both the restaurant owners and the beverage distributors have been
incredibly supportive – and have given us some great ideas as we develop
the texting capabilities,” said Potter. “With this technology, we can virtually
find you – and take you where you need to go.”

But it’s not just for afterwards – TXT 4 CAB can also be utilized
for “responsible” bar hopping, or just a night of dinner and drinks.
Combined with the B4UDRIVE app, which calculates your blood alcohol
content (BAC) by taking into account your gender, your weight, the number
of drinks you’ve had and what you’ve been drinking, it’s an ideal way to
know when to say when.

With B4UDRIVE, touching an icon on the screen will identify if you’re within
the Black & White Transportation service area and connect you directly to its
24-hour dispatch center (if you are not within the service area, the number
for the nearest cab company will be provided). More than 1,000 people have
downloaded the application since its release in January.

Don’t have a smart phone? That’s okay – Black & White’s mobile online
reservation system, at www.bwcab.com, is accessible from any Web-enabled

“It’s all about safety – and about making the right choices,” Potter
continued. “We’re doing all we can to make it easy to do just that – and
eliminate the excuse factor. It’s the cool thing to do.”

And in addition to cool, it could also be the smartest choice you make all

Black & White Transportation operates the largest fleet of sedans, minivans
and wheelchair accessible vans in Northwest Ohio. As the region’s oldest
provider of private transportation, Black & White has been fine-tuning its
services for more than 75 years. With a state-of-the-art 24-hour reservation
and GPS-based dispatching system, Black & White Transportation is able to
provide the most efficient, customer-friendly services available. For more
information call (419) 536-TAXI (8294) or visit www.blackwhitecab.com.

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