20 North’s Maralee Hope Accepted Into Sotheby’s

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20 North Gallery intern accepted for work / study program at world’s most prestigious auction house

Toledo, OH—July 23, 2010 20 North Gallery proudly announces that their first-ever university intern, Maralee Hope, has been accepted into Sotheby’s Institute in New York. Ms. Hope, who graduated this spring from The University of Toledo with a BA in Art History, will be pursuing her MA at Sotheby’s Institute beginning this autumn.

Hope began her training with 20 North Gallery as part of a self-generated work / study internship in January 2009. After completing her semester-long internship, Hope remained as a volunteer Gallery Associate at 20 North Gallery until finishing her undergraduate studies in May of 2010. During her time at 20 North Gallery, Hope received training in event planning, marketing and promotions; media relations; interaction with world-class artists; creating contacts with high-level collectors; commercial gallery management; art handling and registrar experience; art sales experience, business relationships with professional affiliates in the Midwest, as well as receiving authorship credit in academic-quality publications related to 20 North exhibits. Ms. Hope was the first intern ever to apply and be trained at 20 North Gallery.

Eric Hillenbrand, 20 North Gallery Owner, states, “For almost twenty years, 20 North Gallery has endeavored to maintain a strong educational component in all of our programming. In her rôle as intern—and now as a scholar at Sotheby’s Institute—Maralee perfectly exemplifies our goals. We are delighted to see this new horizon open for her, but we will truly miss her enthusiasm, energy and expertise. At 20 North, Maralee has been a highly valued and trusted colleague.”

At Sotheby’s Institute, Hope will be studying for a career in international art, under the tutelage of world-class curators, collectors, artists’ agents and academicians in New York, London and Singapore during her two-year course in the Masters Degree Programme of Contemporary Art and Art Sales.

Hope relates that, at her interview session in New York, the Institute director was “very impressed with all of the professional work I had already done in the field, through my time at 20 North. Peggy [Grant, Art Director], Eric [Hillenbrand, Gallery Owner] and Condessa [Croninger, Associate Art Director] helped me to put together a portfolio of all the exhibits I had worked on and all of the skills I had learned there.” “I have learned so much in Toledo—at UT and at 20 North Gallery— and I am so excited by this wonderful opportunity to take what I have learned, add to it with my future studies, and then share our incredible Midwest cultural resources with the rest of the art world,” Hope states, eagerly anticipating the start of the autumn semester.

To view virtual tours by 360GreaterToledo of 2009 – 2010 art exhibits implemented by Maralee Hope at 20 North Gallery, visit www.20northgallery.net

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