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July 29, 2010–Toledo, OH–The University of Toledo College of Business Administration has announced the creation of a new initiative called the Interactive Marketing Initiative (IMI). The Interactive Marketing Initiative will serve as a regional leader in discovering, generating and disseminating knowledge in the interactive marketing field. According to Faculty Co-Director, Iryna Pentina, Ph.D., this will be achieved through academic and applied research, industry collaboration, conferences and seminars, and student-related activities. “The IMI will address the comprehensive and far-reaching changes in current marketing and business practices caused by ongoing technological developments,” she said.

Interactive Marketing is defined as moving from a transaction-based effort to conversation with customers; forming and maintaining relationships based on information and data. “As customer control over business processes and communications is increasing, it is imperative for companies to regularly monitor this conversation and attune their business practices in real time,” said Dr. Pentina. Dr. Pentina pointed out that many of the small and medium sized businesses in our region lack the resources and skills needed to stay abreast of the latest developments in customer relationship marketing, Internet marketing and electronic commerce.

The Interactive Marketing Initiative will help area businesses and organizations increase national and international competitiveness by serving as a regional hub and clearinghouse of ideas, shared experiences, research problems, and academic development. The Interactive Marketing Initiative will disseminate advanced knowledge throughout surrounding business communities by offering practitioner-focused conferences, seminar series, non-degree certification, and publications in both trade and academic journals.

Oversight of the Interactive Marketing Initiative is provided by an Advisory Board, which includes representatives from the University of Toledo and the Marketing Advisory Board of the Department of Marketing & International Business, UT College of Business Administration. The Interactive Marketing Initiative’s administrative structure includes UT faculty member, Thuong Le, Ph.D. , Professor of Marketing, E-Business and Supply Chain Management in the College of Business Administration; faculty co-directors, Anthony Koh, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and International Business, and Iryna Pentina, PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing. Michael Temple, professional consultant and owner of Temple Development Services and Allen Mireles, Social Media Strategist and owner of Allen Mireles Social Media Marketing, will serve as managing co-directors.

The Interactive Marketing Initiative is currently preparing to launch its second annual Internet Marketing Conference scheduled for October 12, 2010. The half-day program will feature sessions on web analytics, social media marketing and monitoring, as well as search engine marketing/optimization developments. Dr. Pentina stated that the IMI plans to announce the schedule for upcoming seminars within the next several weeks. For more information about the Internet Marketing Conference, or to see a list of possible seminar topics offered by the IMI, visit http://www.utinternetmarketing.utoledo.edu.


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