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Carruth Studio has launched a “Beautiful Gardens 2010” contest on Facebook. The winner will receive a gift certificate for $200 of Carruth products.

07.30.2010 – Waterville, Ohio—Carruth Studio, has launched a “Beautiful Gardens 2010” contest on Facebook. The contest is designed to encourage fans and customers to post photos and videos of their beautiful gardens featuring Carruth sculptures as garden decorations. Based in Waterville, Ohio, Carruth Studio manufactures hand cast stone sculptures designed by nationally renowned artist and sculptor, George Carruth.

“The contest has been really popular,” said Deborah Carruth, owner of Carruth Studio and of its gallery and retail location, Garden Smiles. “Every day we find new images to enjoy. And we find our Facebook fans commenting on each other’s creative use of George’s sculptures,” she added. George Carruth’s sculptures have long been used as garden art and are also prized as collectibles by many of his customers.

The “Beautiful Gardens 2010” contest runs from now through August 13, 2010. Participation is easy. Visit the Carruth Studio fan page on Facebook and post digital images of your beautiful garden featuring your collection of Carruth Studio garden art. Videos are also accepted as contest entries as long as they feature the use of Carruth sculptures as garden decorations. The winner will be chosen by George and Deb Carruth at random and announced on the new blog, “From George’s Studio” on August 16th. The winner will receive a $200 gift certificate for Carruth products.

“We plan to launch more contests like this,” said Deb Carruth. “Our fans and customers enjoy sharing the ways they use Carruth sculptures, and we delight in each new image,” she said. According to Deb Carruth, you can visit the Carruth Flickr channel to see a set of the contest entries and other images of Carruth work. Future contests may include seasonal displays of Carruth work indoors and out.

For more information visit http://carruthstudio.com. Find the new blog, “From George’s Studio”, at http://georgecarruth.com. You can also find Carruth Studio on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn.

?About George Carruth?
George Carruth is an artist who has been creating images out of limestone and clay since 1983. Educated at the Columbus School of Art and Design, his original carvings are sought out by collectors, sent as gifts for weddings, holidays, bereavement, and birthdays. You can view his collection at http://carruthstudio.com or by visiting the gallery and retail store, Garden Smiles, located on Mechanic Street in Waterville, Ohio. Read his blog, “From George’s Studio” at http://georgecarruth.com.

About Carruth Studio?
Carruth Studio’s hand cast and hand finished stone sculptures are designed by nationally renowned artist and sculptor, George Carruth. These whimsical sculptures are used as gifts, garden art, memorials, interior decorations, and collectibles. Carruth sculptures also work well as fundraising incentives and the firm has a special fundraising program available. Carruth Studio is located in Waterville, Ohio and ships products throughout the United States and Canada. Carruth sculptures are also distributed in retail outlets throughout the country. For more information visit http://carruthstudio.com or find Carruth Studio on Facebook at http://facebook.com/carruthstudio and Twitter at http://twitter.com/carruthstudio.??

About Garden Smiles?
Carruth Studio’s gift shop and gallery, Garden Smiles, is located in Waterville, Ohio. Garden Smiles, the brainchild of George’s wife, Deb Carruth, is the only place where you will find the complete collection of his sculpted designs—more than 250 pieces—and the newest designs that are not yet available anywhere else.
?Besides being a gallery for George’s sculptures, Garden Smiles is also a place to test market new colors, mediums and ideas he may be working on. Collectors have an opportunity to take home a design or color that may never find its way into our catalog. Occasionally, he is available the day of your visit to sign your purchase.

Garden Smiles is open Monday through Friday from 10-6PM EST, Saturdays from 10-5PM EST and Sundays from 12-5PM EST. For directions, visit http://carruthstudio.com or call 419. 878.5412.

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