5 Top Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language. Learn Spanish Now

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5 Top Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language
by Violeta Padrón, PhD.

There is one skill that can simultaneously improve your employment potential, sharpen your cognitive and live skills and prepare you for competing in this global economy. Have you guessed what it is? ¿Habla español?, Parlez-vous français?, Parla italiano? Yes, speaking a foreign language can bring all this to your life and then some! Why learn another language? Here is why:
According to Vistawide World Languages and Culture,
1-Learning another language will increase your global understanding and allow you to compete in this global economy.
2-Speaking another language will improve your employment potential and allow you to better reach new customers.
3-If you like to do crossword puzzles, learn and read about new topics to keep your mind sharp and agile, you can also learn a new language to sharpen your cognitive and life skills.
4-Learning a new language can also improve your command of your own language. It will improve your vocabulary, your understanding of your own language and your literacy in general.
5-You can travel and make friends easier. You won’t have to resort to gestures or pictures to make yourself understood.

If your New Year’s resolution is to learn another language, The Toledo Language Institute, your number one choice for Spanish instruction and translation in Toledo,OH, is here to assist you!
“At TLI, says, Violeta Padrón, PhD., Director, we use an interactive and fun approach to teach Spanish. Our focus is on verbal communication. We employ visuals, music and more. Whether you always wanted to learn Spanish or studied Spanish in the past and need a refresher course, we have the perfect class for you. Our adult classes allow students to learn Spanish at their own pace in a relaxed and lively group setting. For children, classes include games, play, stories and crafts as a unique way of introducing the child to the Spanish language. ”

Spanish classes for adults begin January 26. We offer different levels of Spanish including Introduction to Spanish and Advanced Spanish and Conversation. New this winter is Spanish for Travelers, perfect for those planning a trip to a Spanish speaking country! For more information about these offerings, please visit our website

We are also enrolling for children classes at this time.

Please also join us at our Open House, on Wednesday, January 19 2011, from 6:00-8:00 pm in the library of the Common Space, 1700 N Reynolds, Toledo to learn more about our programs. Light refreshments served.

Call 419-973-2345 or email us at if you wish to enroll in any of our classes.

Don’t miss it! No te lo pierdas!

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