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Making a quiz from PowerPoint can be interesting. A PowerPoint quiz can be used as an excuse to distribute gifts to those who give the right answers after a business presentation. Or it can be used for testing a child in elementary school. Making good use of the quiz can make you popular.

Many people are asking questions about how to make quizzes in PowerPoint There are basically two ways for making a quiz in PowerPoint program: the first is to learn VBA programming and create the quiz in PowerPoint, and the second one is to set the internal links on buttons between slides to direct the audience to result page or feedback page based on their answers. The latter one makes the presentation look like a quiz, and it is quite easy and intuitive. But if you have a lot of questions to make into the quiz, it would not be an easy job.

Here is a PowerPoint quiz sample (multiple choice) code:

AC_FL_RunContent( ‘codebase’,’,0,28,0′,’width’,’648′,’height’,’486′,’title’,’PowerPoint quiz sample’,’src’,’../../images/quizcreator/article/powerpoint-quiz’,’quality’,’high’,’pluginspage’,’’,’movie’,’../../images/quizcreator/article/powerpoint-quiz’ ); //end AC code

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Beside the methods mentioned above, actually there is another method for creating quizzes from PowerPoint. With the third-party software like Atrixware’s PowerPoint Quizmaker, you can make quizzes that look like they were created in PowerPoint without having to spend quite a long time of organize the relationship between slides. Although this PowerPoint Quizmaker looks like it is working as a standalone program, you need to have PowerPoint open so that the program can work.

However, those methods basically can only produce the multiple choice quiz. For some complicated quiz type like matching, sequence, hot spot, etc., they would not help. Fortunately, the Flash quiz maker like Wondershare QuizCreator which is specially designed for creating compelling quizzes is available. There are up to 9 popular question types which will satisfy most users’ need. More powerful features comes with this program reduce the quiz creation time, and the flexible publishing options such as Flash, Exe, word/Excel make it easy to share no matter online or offline. So you can embed the Flash quiz to your PowerPoint presentation to have test after the lecture.

Check the question types in the following sample

Features that QuizCreator brings for easy quiz creation:

Office 2007 ribbon interface

The Microsoft Office 2007 interface of QuizCreator is designed to increase the creation efficiency and make it easier for users to make a test.

Form-based editing mode

What you need to do is filling the blanks from field to field. And you can preview the test instantly to check the effect.

Template-driven design

There are many carefully designed built-in quiz player templates for you to choose from. Set the quiz player template like what you did in PowerPoint.


What’s more, the Flash quiz generated by QuizCreator can be track with the built-in email system, or you upload it to LMS (Learning Management System, SCORM/AICC compliance) or QMS (Quiz Management System) for generating insightful breakdown reports.

So, just pick the quiz creation method that fixes your need. For a simple quiz, maybe creating the content with PowerPoint is OK. But for a more professional and complicated quiz, Flash quiz maker Wondershare QuizCreator could be what you need.

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