Adv. Manufacturing Skills Training Starts 3/1/11 in NW Ohio

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“To be successful, our nation’s manufacturing base will depend more on brain than brawn,” says Sustainable Resources Institute Principal “Resultant” Loren Frendt. “We are interested in finding and developing people who want to learn how to innovate and invent.”

Smaller companies that make the connection between new and emerging technologies and product manufacturing find sustainable solutions for their businesses – and our economy. But, making changes to existing product lines, finding new markets or introducing new processes requires these companies to have additional human, technical or financial resources.

How can local companies improve their market position or cost structure by applying new technology? How can displaced workers gain new skills to compete for new jobs?

Sustainable Resources Institute LLC (SRI) is a consortium of resources, products and services aimed at improving manufacturing sectors locally and regionally.

According to Frendt, SRI helps companies make connections with government entities, nonprofits and universities; restructure and renew their operations; and benefit from the movement toward “green” products.

Sustainable Resource Institute, through its affiliation with Bottom Line Training Solutions (www.bottomlinetrainingsolutions.com), has also developed forward-thinking, advanced manufacturing skills training programs that lead to workforce certification.

Beginning March 1, 2011, Sustainable Resources, LLC, in conjuction with Bottom Line Training Solutions, will offer skills training – a total of 24 hours of instruction – in northwest Ohio. Topics include:
Industrial Basics
Mechanical Skills
Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs)
Lean Manufacturing
Autonomous Maintenance

SRI also offers customized training for Veterans. For more information, contact Loren Frendt at 419.865.8503, email lfrendt@aol.com, or visit www.glsri.com.


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