Palliative Expressions Gives a Voice to the Cancer Journey

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No longer shying away from the painful topics facing those impacted by cancer, a local life coach and non-profit founder team up to create a unique line of greeting cards… Palliative Expressions Give Cancer Patients and their families, friends and caregivers a voice!

February 20, 2011– When Jean Schoen, Founder & President of Cancer Connection of Northwest Ohio, and Leah Beck, Certified Life Coach, RiseTyme Coaching, met their focus was to discover if Leah would be a good fit for Jean’s growing non-profit Board of Directors. Within months of their meeting, Leah had a vivid dream that took their connection to a whole new level. Within weeks, Palliative-Expressions, LLC was formed.

Designed to give voice to those immersed in the cancer experience, Palliative-Expressions combines vibrant photo-cards with real messages about real topics. Moving beyond the superficial content often found in greeting cards, Palliative-Expressions give voice to the shocking news of a cancer diagnosis, recognition of the struggles and milestones during treatment, celebration at remission and comfort and support at transition. Including messages that address the complexities of marital and family pressures, the emotional experience of hair loss and mastectomies, as well as other significant aspects of the cancer journey, Palliative-Expressions provide a host of cards written from the perspective of the patients, friends, families and healthcare professionals.

Available at some local stores and now being used by several local cancer centers, Palliative-Expression Cards are now offered nationally at Palliative-Expression.com . Priced reasonably and shipped at no cost for domestic orders, these greeting cards are opening up doors for communication that is often challenging to those impacted by this pervasive and painful disease.
Though palliative care is often associated with end-of-life, the word “Palliative” actually means to soothe, calm, ease and comfort – acts that are important through all aspects of life.

In an ongoing effort to expand the value of Palliative-Expressions, new cards are created regularly as needs are shared by those using the cards. Custom services are available to organizations that wish to convey specific messages to those they serve.

Scheduled for release in March 2011, Palliative Expression’s new PERSPECTIVES (12 card-pack) display dynamic photo collages with messages based on the core values that are most often sustaining during the cancer journey.

To learn more log into Palliative-Expressions.com or call 419-740-0143.

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