Sylvania Twp resident Mark Wexler will represent the U.S.

Posted Feb 26th, 2011  Category: Arts & Entertainment


Between 200-300 United States Jewish athletes along with approximately 2000 athletes from 30 other countries will venture to Vienna, Austria on July 5-13, 2011 to participate at the 13th European Maccabia. The Maccabia, otherwise known as the Jewish Olympics, is now one of the largest international sporting events in the world. Twenty different sporting events will be showcased in Vienna. What makes Vienna unique is that this is the first time since 1945 that a collection of Jewish athletes will compete in a land that was formerly occupied by Nazi Germany. Mark is going to Vienna in the hopes of bringing back medals where he will compete in the sport of Ten Pin Bowling. Austria, Belarus, United Kingdom, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Sweden and the US have all committed to bringing teams to compete in the bowling event. Unlike traditional bowling where three games bowled are the norm, at the Maccabia, we will bowl six games in each discipline of singles, doubles, trios and team. Based on individual all-event scoring, the qualifing bowler may be eligible to bowl in the Masters where the #1 seed is pitted against the #16 seed, #2 vs #15, etc. The field is whittled down until only two bowlers are remaining and they bowl for the Gold and Silver Medals. Mark went to the World Maccabia Games in 2005 located in Israel. He stated that “in my own eyes, I bowled terrible. This is my opportunity for redemption”.

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