Ultimate Body, Mind & Spirit Opens Wellness Center in Westgate

Posted Feb 28th, 2011 by Joani Donovan  Category: Health


Toledo, Ohio. Joani Donovan, LMT, announces the relocation and expansion of Ultimate Body, Mind & Spirit (UBMS) Wellness Center to the Westgate area. “I have been a licensed massage therapist for eight years and now have the colleagues and facility to offer a wide range of therapeutic services to meet our clients’ individual needs,” Donovan said. Completing the team of licensed massage therapists are Janelle Poitinger, LMT; Tonia Patton, LMT; Phyllis Bartholomy, LMT; and Shannon White, LMT. Julia Dumas, managing manicurist, provides natural nail services for manicures and pedicures. Scott McBride provides Reiki therapy, which also promotes healing through stress reduction and relaxation. These independent contractors collaborate within the UBMS Wellness Center to offer each client the best possible treatment.

Continuing education plays an important part for all the professionals in this wellness center. “We are constantly learning new techniques and therapies. Our goal is to help you heal so you can enjoy a better quality of life.” Donovan said. Their clients are pleased with the results. “These massage therapists know where the kinks are! After a visit to UBMS, I feel like I have spent the day at the spa,” Louise Kahle, owner of Take the Time: Image Matters, said.

UBMS has also built strategic alliances that allow their clients easy access to nutrition counseling, chiropractic services, life coaching, yoga and personal fitness training.

Massage therapy services provided at UBMS are certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation.

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Joani Donovan - Ultimate Body, Mind & Spirit

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